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John 2.1-12 – The Jewish mother and the confused sommelier

There was a wedding the following Wednesday in Cana, and Jesus and his mom (2) and his friends were invited. (3) But in the middle of the party, they ran out of wine.  Mary talked to Jesus about it:

“They’re out of wine …Hint, hint…”

(4) “Mommm, how is that any of my business?  It’s not yet time for me to get involved.”

(5) “…OK, then we’ll have someone else do it… Oh waiters!  Over here!… This is Jesus.  He has a job for you…”


(6) He looked around and saw six big barrels (the kind used for religious washing ceremonies).

(7) “Alright… Guys, can you fill these up with water please.”

The did as he asked.

(8) “Now, siphon some into a bottle and take it to the sommelier…”

(9) The sommelier tasted it, but didn’t realize the wine he was drinking had been water just a few minutes earlier (Only the waiters knew). He waved the groom over:

(10) “This vintage is remarkable!  We should have uncorked it first, while the guests were still sober enough to appreciate it!

(11) Of all the cool things Jesus did to show people who he was and what he was trying to do, this was the first, and it earned him more trust from his students.

(12) On the trip home from the wedding, they (Jesus, his mom, his brothers, and his students) stopped at Capernaum and stayed there with friends for a few days.


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