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Romans 16.1-16 – Apostolic shout-out to the Italians

(16.1) My friend Phoebe (from the Jesus-community in Cencrae, Greece) is doing me a huge favor by taking this letter to you.  I thank you in advance (2) for embracing her with all the hospitality in which Papa, Jesus & Sarayu have embraced you. Please take care of whatever she needs from you, as she has always taken great care of me and countless others.

(3) Shout-outs to:

  • Priscilla & Quil, co-conspirators with me and Jesus, (4) who risked their lives for me.  I thank Papa for you and for all of my Immigrant friends in the Jesus-community, (5) including the group in your house.
  • Nate, who was the very first Jesus-follower in Turkey.
  • (6) Mary, who has worked so hard for the cause there in Rome.
  • (7) My cousins Andy and June, who spent time behind bars with me. They are two of the most talented missionaries we have; they were following Jesus long before I was.
  • (8) Good ol’ Pliatus. Papa is especially fond of him, and so am I.
  • (9) Urban, co-conspirator with me and Jesus
  • Good ol’ Stack.
  • (10) Apollos, of whom Papa is especially fond.
  • Aristo and the whole fam.
  • (11) My cousin Rod.
  • Narc and the fam.
  • (12) My co-conspirators, Fannie and Fossie.
  • Good ol’ Percy, workhorse for Jesus
  • (13) Rufus, hand-picked by Papa to be a carrier of blessing to the world.
  • And of course, Rufus’ mom.  My mom too.  Love ya, Ma!
  • Sync, Flea, Mese, Pat, Mas, and that whole crowd.
  • Phil, Julie, Nerus and his sister, Oleh, and all them.

(16) Everyone, just please give everybody else hugs for me. And for all the Jesus-communities everywhere.  We’re all thinking about you and cheering you on.


2 Responses

  1. Ha-Ha! Love it! You are helping us in the grace of the Spirit to be educated in the fact that the Gospel is real and relevant to our everyday and ordinary human relationships and lives! Bangin’ J Stone! 🙂

  2. Just a few weeks ago, one of my pastors gave an absolutely wonderful talk on this passage–He gave us his own list of people in churches and ministries in his past who he might send greetings like this to. How complicated a lot of those relationships are, the personal hurts and regrets that can live alongside affection. It made me think of people I used to pastor, and it made me cry. It made me feel like I understood why Paul would include this list of greetings. It brings the whole epistle down to earth for me.

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