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Roman 8.26-30 – Predestination that doesn’t suck

Whatever weaknesses we have, they are MORE than made up for by Sarayu’s strength. When we don’t know how to talk to Papa, it is Sarayu in us who does the talking for us, expressing what’s inside us in ways too deep for words. (27) She knows us deep in the guts of our soul, and she shares her knowing with Papa.

(28) The Triune love is the future of the cosmos, THE destination of history.  As we respond to the call to participate in that future, we find that all things (even our sufferings) are all part of the world getting moved in the right direction.

(29) How do we know this?  Because Papa has known us from before time began.  Because she loved us, she gave our journey a glorious destination — union with her Son, so that we would all become one big happy family, with Jesus as the firstborn of many brothers and sisters.  (30) From before the beginning of time, Papa has known us, loved us, and given us a future — THE future of union and communion with her Son.  To this end she has called us, healed our brokenness, and included us in the eternal Triune dance of brightness and beauty.


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  1. If you want to understand predestination in a way that doesn’t suck, you need to read more Karl Barth. Start here: http://www.gci.org/CO/election

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