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More feedback

Wow, we hit a major pocket of people with opinions on Twitter this morning.  Shared here for your consideration.  (Any thoughts in response?):

ReformedFundy 1:22pm via Web

@jaredcwilson @shackbible It’s so horrible! It’s so horrible that it’s funny. And tragic that somebody is turning Bible into such a mockery

NickHorton 1:14pm via TweetDeck @jaredcwilson @shackbible Gets worse. Read the first paragraph under info: on.fb.me/pyRfZu God musta not been good enough for them.
samgyorfi 1:13pm via Web on second thought; @shackbible, just please stop.
mblinton 1:12pm via Web Great. A new bible paraphrase, only less theologically accurate, but more misleading, than most. @shackbible
ThePastorEd 1:10pm via Twitter for iPhone @jaredcwilson @shackbibleit appears 2 be for real. A quick survey reveals that St. Augustine ruined Christianity & this guy is rescuing us Show Conversation

ReformedFundy 1:09pm via Web @jaredcwilson @shackbibleOh my goodness. What a steaming pile this is. Show Conversation

dwightwatson 1:08pm via Echofon RT @jaredcwilson: Wait. The @shackbible? Is this for real? Is the Holy Spirit a black woman in this bible?// Xian marketing strikes again!
lenflack 1:06pm via Twitter for Mac @jaredcwilson I noticed @shackbible today. I thought it was a parody at first, but it’s serious. See the pics of The Oracle from The Matrix?
gabeposey 1:05pm via TweetDeck @jaredcwilson @shackbible Based on the website, it also appears Jesus is on the next season of LOST.
keithsewell 1:04pm via TweetDeck @jaredcwilson @shackbible the Holy Spirit is an asian woman and God the Father is played by Aunt Jemima
jaredcwilson 1:01pm via TweetDeck Wait. The @shackbible? Is this for real? Is the Holy Spirit a black woman in this bible?

6 Responses

  1. Their conversation is a lesson in missing the point. They make each other laugh and feel better because that’s what friends do. They’re all on the same great spiritual plane. Hooray for them. They’re pointing and laughing at something they don’t understand and find ridiculous, which is sort of how I’m feeling about their response.

    Another thought to ponder…bad publicity is still publicity. 😉

  2. I understand where they’re coming from. I understand how nice it feels to be part of a club.

    And amen on the publicity thing. My reader base explodes every time somebody publicly hates on the blog. 🙂

  3. Anyone who believes and/or writes “controversial” things is bound to get this reaction. I would only consider criticism from people who take the time to make a thought out argument and who seem to be well intentioned in their comments. It is important to look at the arguments of those who disagree but only in the bennificial context.

  4. ChiAlpha, you are absolutely right. I consider criticism if it has anything substantial to say. But I agree that high-fiving theological frat-boys don’t count. I post their comments here, just bc I think the nature of their comments says something about the nature of what I’m trying to do.

  5. These same folk would probably be at the front of the crowd screaming “Crucify Him!” ( and they don’t even know it!)

    • I’m betting their hearts are in the right place, or at least as right (or not-right) as mine. 🙂 There is something deep in the heart of Adam that hates God as much as Captain Ahab hates Moby Dick–“If his chest had been a cannon, he would have shot his heart upon it.”

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