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Romans 15.6-16 – Citizens and Illegals together has been the goal all along!

If you guys–Citizens and Illegals–can faithfully know reality together, your relationship will become a luminous earthing of the Triune togetherness.  And this is nothing new; this coming-together has been the goal all along:

(9) “I will tell the Illegals how great you are!”

(10) “Illegals and Citizens together–Party on, dudes!”

(11) “Give thanks to Papa–Illegals and everybody!”

(12) “A leader like David will come, a servant-leader for ALL people.  The Illegals will find him fully dependable.”

(13) And because Jesus knows exactly how dependable Papa is, he overflows with joy and peace and hope.  I ask Sarayu to fill you with all of that–everything that is inside Jesus.

(14) I myself feel his confidence in you guys, because I know you already have it in you.  You are already filled to the brim with Jesus love for and knowledge of all things.  Together in him you are fully capable of facing this conflict and working things out with each other. (15) This letter is just some straight talk to remind you of what you already know.  And the only reason I have the audacity to do that is because it is the job Papa gave me to do–(16) to join Jesus in serving Illegals, embodying among them the good news of what the Triune God has accomplished on our behalf.  All so that Illegals can join in our Sarayu-empowered sharing in Jesus’ life of giving himself in love to Papa.


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  1. First off, I’ll be clear that I’m not trying to make a political statement with the language of “citizens” and “illegals.” But I can think of no better way to translate the Christian Jew-Gentile conflict. The Jews had something special that no one else had, but then here come these outsiders–Gentiles, people without the Law. And not only do they refuse to convert to our culture and language, but they’re not even coming in legally, by undergoing circumcision at the border.

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