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Romans 13.7-14 – Like dawn has already come

The great dance of Papa, Jesus and Sarayu—it inserts itself into the deepest and most “mundane” parts of human life.  Sharing in their life means giving people what you owe them—Taxes to the taxman, revenue to the boss, and respect to those worth respecting. (8) Fulfill your obligations quickly. Don’t let debts go unpaid.  Get it all settled so you can spend your energy on sharing in The Dance—loving people. (9) All the commands about adultery, murder, theft, coveting, etc—they are all just parts of what it means to “love your neighbor as yourself.” (10) Love does good, not harm, and that’s what Torah was all about.

(11) Besides, you know what Jesus predicted about the stuff that’s about to hit the fan.  Now is the time to wake up and be alert.  The end of this dark time is getting closer every day. (12) The long night is over, and dawn is about to break. So let’s be done with all the dark junk, and put on the armor of Light. (13) Let’s live now as if dawn has already come, not as if the night were going to last forever.  There’s no need to numb yourself with out-of-control partying, substance abuse, anonymous sex, and constant fighting and jealousy. (14) Instead, open up your life in the wide-open spaces of Jesus, Papa and Sarayu.  Refuse to confine yourself to those cramped alleyways of dissatisfied gross hungers.


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