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Romans 11.25-36 – The healing of Israel’s heart

(25) I want you guys to understand this mystery, because it will keep you from getting a swelled head: Israel’s stubbornness serves the purpose of opening up space for non-Israelites to enter into the life of Papa, Jesus, and Sarayu. (26) This is a sad burden for Israel to bear, but the story will end well, with the full healing of Israel’s heart. Remember what Papa promised:

“The Hero will come from Jerusalem
He will rescue Israel from alienation
(27) This is my promise to them
When I set them free from their chains.”

(28) The hardness of Israel’s heart has forced the Good News into the whole world, to Illegals like you!  Their rebellion is your blessing. But don’t think for one minute that Papa has given up on the children of Abraham. (29) What Papa gives cannot be given back; when Papa recruits you for her team, she doesn’t later decide to cut you. Papa just doesn’t work that way. Ever. (30) You used to resist Papa’s grace, but then you received it. Now it is Israel’s turn to go through the same process, moving through resistance to acceptance. (32) Every human being has gone to war with Papa, and forgiveness is Papa’s gift to every single one.

(33) Papa’s wisdom is beyond imagining!
Her decisions are beyond understanding
But they always make perfect sense!
(34) Who can wrap their head around Papa?
Who could presume to give her advice!
(35) Who thinks Papa owes them any favors?

(36) For the Triune One is
     the Source of all things,
     the Upholder of all things,
     and the Future of all things.

The Trinity ROCKS!


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