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Romans 11.17-24 – Papa is kind but not codependent

(17) To take the tree analogy a little farther, you could say that the root of Israel’s tree is healthy, but some of the branches have broken off.  You Illegals are branches from other trees, grafted onto the broken places, and you now receive life-giving sap from Israel’s root.

(18) It is obvious that the grafted-in branches have no right to think they are better than the broken-off branches. Because it’s the root that supports you, not the other way around. (19) If you wanted to continue being smug, you might say the branches were broken off for the express purpose of making a place for you to be grafted in. (20) So I say remember this: They broke only because they shut their eyes to reality. And the only reason you’re on the tree is that you opened your eyes to reality. 

So don’t be smug. Be awestruck! (21) If unbelief broke the natural branches, it can break you just as easily! (22) Papa is kind but not codependent.  She is kind to all and gives us all to participate in her kindness, but she allowed Israel to NOT participate AND to experience the unhappy consequences of that choice (Just as you are free to do!).

(23) And of course they always have the option to let go of their unbelief at any time.  And in doing so, it means their grafting back into the tree.  Papa does neat stuff like that all the time. (24) If wild olive branches like you can get grafted into this cultivated olive tree, how much more easily can the natural branches be grafted back in!


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