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Romans 11.7-16 – Broken, but fixable

(7) In being chosen for this duty, you and I have gotten what Israel always wanted, what Israel could never bring itself to accept:

(8) “Papa gave them the spark of life, but they chose deadness. 
Papa gave them eyes, but they refused to see. 
Papa gave them ears, but they refused to hear.
And they still do.”

(9) David spoke of this:

“Their home will be their prison.
Their eyes will be their blindness.
Their backbone will be their spinelessness.”

(11) Have their bad choices broken them beyond repair?  NO!  Rather, Papa has used the bad choices of Citizens to bring healing to Illegals, and to remind Citizens what wholeness looks like, to make them want it again. (12) Just think about it!—If their bad choices have brought such great good to Illegals, how wonderful will be the result when they begin to make GOOD choices!

(13) You must listen to me, Illegals, my brothers and sisters without the Law, from outside Israel.  You are the ones I have been sent to, and I love you. (14) But I still harbor the hope that my fellow Citizens will see the Great Dance of Papa, Jesus and Sarayu within you and want what you have, and that they will come join in the fun. (15) If their brokenness means the healing of the world’s disease, then their healing will mean nothing less than the utter conquest of death! (16) Think about it—If you take a lump of dough and eat a little piece of it and it’s good, that means the entire lump is good!  If a tree’s roots are healthy, then you know the branches are healthy too.


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