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Romans 10.1-11 – Relax into Reality

My heart aches to see my fellow Citizens living the Good Life.  I am constantly asking Papa for this.  (2) It is heartening to see their fierce burning desire for Papa, but their vision is confused and uninformed. (3) They are so consumed with what they are “doing for God,” they can’t see what God has done for them.  They will not relax into the Life Jesus is already sharing with them through Sarayu.

(4) Torah has finished its job; it has led us to Jesus who has now done what Torah couldn’t.  He has healed humanity’s relationship with Papa and Sarayu and with all things. And this righted relationship is experienced by everyone who believes the truth.  (5) Regarding the good life that can come from Torah, Moses says:

“Whoever follows Torah perfectly will find good life.”

(6) But in contrast, what can be said about the Good Life that comes from re-arranging your mind around Reality?:

“Don’t worry about how nobody can ascend to heaven [to bring Jesus down to us], (7) or about how nobody can descend into hell [to bring Jesus up from the dead].”

(8) Instead, the Good News tells us that Jesus has already done all that:

“The Word has come to you, and now rests in your heart and waits on your lips.”

It is THAT Word we are announcing to you now. (9) Because when your lips speak the truth that Jesus is in charge of the universe, and when your core beliefs are re-arranged around the fact that Papa has raised Jesus from the dead, you will be made whole and safe from the lies that imprison the whole world. (10) To believe the truth is to open yourself to what Jesus has given you–a new, RIGHT relationship with all things. To speak the truth is to receive healing into your soul. (11) And remember:

“Those who cling to The Rock will not regret it.”


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