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Roman 9.27-29 – Some will survive

Remember what the prophet Isaiah said:

Israel will have as many children as the beach has sand, but only a few of them will survive (28) the cataclysmic sorting-out that is coming.”


We will not go extinct like Sodom and Gomorrah did, for Papa will see to it that some of us survive.”


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  1. I try to see the suffering of the Jewish people through the lens of Jesus’ cry “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” It is Jesus experiencing the sense of having been abandoned by God. He was never actually abandoned (If this is unclear to you, go read Psalm 22 in its entirety). But in his suffering, he felt that God was against him.

    I see Israel’s suffering in this context. Jesus is THE man who bears in his own flesh the enmity between God and man, and experiences the consequences of that broken relationship. He does this as humanity’s representative. But in a secondary sense, Israel shares in Messiah’s role as humanity’s representative before God. And she also shares in the suffering that results from this unique role.

    Israel performed her role less than perfectly, as we all do. Her fumbling work (just like ours) is taken up and transformed in the work of Jesus who stands in for every one of us, Jew AND Gentile.

    But when I see the suffering of Israel in the Bible, that is what I see — a chosen people, imperfectly sharing in the work of their ultimate Representative. And in some way, I see that people’s destruction as intimately tied to Jesus’ destruction.

    And Jesus’ resurrection also implicates Israel, which gives me (and the Apostle Paul, for that matter) great hope for her future.

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