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Romans 9.14-26 – Papa adopts whoever she wants to

(14) In Papa’s mission to bless the world, she chooses different people for different roles in that mission.  Does that mean Papa is unfair? Of course not! (15) Remember what she told Moses:

“I will shower my kindness on whomever I want to.”

(16) It’s not about how skilled we are at jumping through hoops.  It’s all about Papa, the One who shows kindness.  (17) Remember what she said to Pharaoh:

“I have prepared you to be one through whom my power will be displayed, so that the whole world will know me.”

(18) Papa has free reign in the world.  Completely free.  She is within her rights to show kindness to whomever she wants, and to strengthen the resolve of whomever she wants.

(19) Now, I know what you’re going to say: “How can Papa hold us responsible for our actions, if she compels us to do things?

(20) I will answer that with another question:  IF that were indeed the way things are, what right would you have to argue with your Creator about it? That would make as much sense as saying a pot has the right to judge the potter, saying “How dare you make me this way!?” (21) We all know that would be ridiculous, because the potter has every right to do what he wants with his clay, using one lump for a special pot and another lump for an ordinary pot.  (22) Or let’s take this hypothetical to its extreme—Would Papa be within her rights to make pots for the very purpose of smashing them?  Absolutely, because she’s the potter!  But now also imagine that she decided to not smash them after all. (23) Imagine that she does this just so that the other pots (the ones made for special purpose) would better see how kind she had been to them.

(24) Here is what I’m getting at with this hypothetical scenario:  As Papa pursues her mission to bless the world, she is fully within her rights to choose Gentiles (as well as Jews) to help her!

(25) After all, isn’t this exactly what Papa says in Hosea’s book?

“I will take those who are not mine and call them ‘My People.’

I will go to the unloved-one and call her ‘Beloved.’

I will change their name from ‘Not-Mine’ to ‘Mine,’ from ‘Not-Loved’ to ‘Loved.’

(26)  In the very place where you were told ‘You are not my people,’

There I will declare you to be not just ‘my people’ but ‘MY CHILDREN.’”


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