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Rom 9.1-13 – It’s not about DNA. It’s about a relationship of trust.

(9.1) Here is the truth about me—sharpened in Jesus and confirmed by Sarayu: (2) I live in constant, aching grief for my people. (3) If it would cause them to know Jesus, I would happily give up MY relationship with him. (4) They are Israel—“They Who Grapple With God.”  In their wrestling Papa has given them:

  • Adoption as Papa’s children
  • The shining gaze of Papa’s face
  • Papa’s covenants with humanity
  • Torah from Papa’s own finger
  • The way into Papa’s presence
  • The promises of Papa

(5) Their DNA comes from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  From their DNA comes the Messiah, the one in whom all things live and move and have their being, blessed be Papa! AMEN.

(6) But there’s more to life than our genes.  Don’t misunderstand; I’m not saying the Word of Papa failed to do what it was meant to do.  (7) It is true there are descendents of Abraham who possess his DNA but not his faith.

(8) Your true descendants shall come through Isaac.”

Isaac was conceived as a result of a promise received in trust.  Likewise, all of  Abraham’s true descendents are identified not by their DNA but by their faithful receiving of Papa’s promise.  (9) The promise was simple:

“At that time I will come to you, and Sarah will give birth to a son.”

(10) There’s more than that; it happened also to Rebecca when she and Isaac conceived children. (11) Before they were born or had done anything good or bad (and so we see again that Papa chooses her helpers (12) in sheer grace rather than according to our merits), she was told:

“The older one will be the servant of the younger one.”

(13) And as the Scriptures say:

“I have given this unique role to Jacob, not to Esau.”


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