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Eph 6.10-24 – Power.

(10) Finally, brothers and sisters, live strong. Move through the world with Sarayu’s unbounded strength in your muscles. (11) Everyday, before you face the Enemy, gear up. (12) Remember, we fight not AGAINST bad people but FOR them. We make war with the evil forces and mythologies that still darken the minds of Papa’s children, and we shall not relent until darkness lies dead at our feet. (13) So get your armor on. Put on the Trinity—Papa, Jesus, and Sarayu. In them you are bulletproof:

  • (14) Stand, warrior of Light, and be true. Truth is your belt; without it, everything falls down.
  • Protect your heart by sharing in Jesus’ heart — his singleminded desire for his eternal kingdom of justice and rightness.
  • (15) Your combat boots are running shoes, your eager preparedness to speak truth to power, to speak peace to hate.
  • (16) Rely on the steadfast faithfulness of Jesus, a shield which no armor-piercing rocket can penetrate.
  • (17) His gift of healing/salvation is your helmet. Strap it on; refuse to allow the The Man’s poison whispers to cloud your mind.
  • Wield with skill the sword of Sarayu, the Word of Papa, the Truth of all truths. (18) Keep your mind tuned into Sarayu’s voice at all times. You are part of the Triune conversation now, so be an active participant. Be constantly sharing in the Trinity’s work of being aware of and meeting the needs of others.  

(19) Speaking of needs, ask Papa for what I need — a clear message for every audience I meet, so that I can speak boldly to them the mystery of the gospel — (20) you know, the kind of behavior that keeps landing me in jail. =)  Ask Papa to make me fearless.

(21) I am sending Tychicus to tell you the whole story about what’s going on here; he is a dear brother and a reliable laborer with Jesus. (22) He will tell you what’s up with me, and he will share his courage with your hearts. (23) I ask Jesus and his Papa to fill your community with the love/joy/peace of Sarayu, (24) and to fill your experience with their grace, as you fall in love forever with our Master Jesus.


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