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Eph 5.1-20 – Get high on Sarayu

(5.1) Set your heart on growing up to be like your Papa who loves you so much.  (2) The Master loved us, gave up everything for us, giving himself completely to Papa on our behalf.  This is the love that has eternally embraced you.  Live in that.  Put it on. Wear it.

(3) Be especially careful in matters regarding:

  1. Your sexuality
  2. Your consumption of resources
  3. Your mouth 

These are forces more powerful than you realize, and they require rock-solid boundaries if they are to be handled safely. (4)  Don’t talk trash; speak gratitude.  (5) To fill your life with out-of-control sex and consumption is to EMPTY your life of the love/joy/peace that is your inheritance. (6) Don’t be fooled: When you let these forces overflow their boundaries, they become poison. And Papa is infinitely intolerant of the poisoning of her children. (7) If your friends are poisoning you, it’s time to get new friends.

(8) You are not in the dark anymore.  Light is your Father.  Blast off from that launchpad, and see what happens! (9) Light makes stuff happen, good stuff.  Wherever you find truth, goodness, and beauty, you are meeting the Light there. 

(10) Learn from the Master what is pleasurable and what isn’t. Because He knows.  (11) Darkness is useless; don’t waste your time with it.  Instead, shine light on it! Speak truth to the lie. (12) We bring our shame to the surface when we talk about our lies and secrets; (13) Exposing them to the light makes them visible and robs them of their power.  (14) When your darkness becomes visible, that’s the first step toward becoming light. 

“Wake up sleepyhead! Leave your dark grave and bask in the light of the Master.” 

(15) Live consciously. Don’t be dumb. (16) Don’t waste your time (17) Instead, seek out the Master’s good work, and do that.

(18) Don’t numb yourself with booze; instead, get high on Sarayu (19) as you get on with the serious business of heaven—JOY.  Shout.  Praise.  Sing.  Hum. (20) Saturate your days with gratitude, thanking Papa for everything, in the name of our Master Jesus.


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  1. AMEN!!! and again, I say, AMEN!!!

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