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Eph 4.24-32 – Jesus and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

In his own flesh Jesus has knitted together a brand-new humanity, and he has taught us to put it on like a new set of clothes—our new life that shares fully in the Triune passion for goodness in our souls and in the world:

  • (25) When we feel tempted to lie, we put on the Master’s transparency, because we know we are part of each other.
  • (26) When we feel angry with each other, we put on the Master’s passion for reconciliation. We talk it out promptly and completely, (27) to protect our relationship from the Enemy.
  • (28) When we start to get obsessed with things we don’t have, we put on the Master’s generosity, working hard so as to earn something to share with others.
  • (29) When we feel tempted to use words destructively, we put on the Master’s gracious, constructive speech.

(30) Sarayu has marked you for an eternal life of freedom. Don’t resist her work; she hates that. (31) Take off the old rags that are unworthy of you—bitterness, rage, manipulation, gossip, and malice. (32) Instead, put on the kindness and tenderness of Jesus. He has given you grace. Pass it on.


2 Responses

  1. I think this just might be the code of conduct for the new fellowship I’m working on putting together. I love this. Keep it up. Your work is really a blessing to me.

  2. Thanks Jared! Your encouragement means a lot to me.

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