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Eph 4.1-16 – One Sarayu, One body, One desire

As I sit here behind bars, my fondest desire is that you guys will live according to the future Jesus has given you. (2) Believe the truth about who you are and your place in the big scheme of things. Handle your brothers and sisters with Jesus’ gentle hands. They are worth putting up with, just like you are.

(3) Join in Sarayu’s work of bringing the Triune oneness and harmony into everyday human life. (4) There is only one Sarayu, and she is making only one body with only one future, (5) through the singular faithfulness of our one Master, who gives us only one new life (6) with one Papa who is the source, condition, and destination of all things.

(7) But this one gift is different for each of us. (8) As we say, “When he ascended to glory, he conquered darkness and shared the plunder with his people.” (9) He was able to ascend because he had already descended. (10) The one who penetrated our deepest hell has now ascended above the highest heaven, so that no matter where you go, he will be there for you.

(11) Wherever you are right now, he is already giving you the gift of sharing in his victorious work that is overcoming the world. You have a role to play! Some (like missionaries, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers) have the job of (12) equipping others for their work. But all of us share a single goal—loving and nurturing the one body of our Master, (13) so that we may all grow up into that one body together, knowing Jesus faithfully and working with him in love, incarnating the Triune Life in the world.

(14) It’s time to grow up, people!  To mature beyond the gullibility of children who believe everything they hear, falling for cheap religious tricks and schemes. (15) Instead, let’s love truthfully and tell the truth lovingly, growing together to be more like the Master, (16) who personally holds the body together and makes it function as the body builds itself up through love.


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