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Gal 6.1-10 – Accountability and compassion in Sarayu’s garden

(6.1) Since you ARE friends, I want you to hold each other accountable. To live in Sarayu’s fellowship is to live in truth, and none of us can do it by ourselves. When you see your friend crossing the boundaries of healthy living, go talk to him about it. Not to manipulate or shame him, but to gently tell him the truth about his behavior and its effects. If you keep silent or enable him in some other way, you are just helping him destroy himself, and you’re damaging yourself too. (2) As friends, we share our strengths AND our weaknesses. We get to carry each other. That’s the good news in action. (3) And remember you’re no better than anybody else; everybody’s got strengths and everybody’s got weaknesses. Including you.

(4) As you live in accountability with your friends, remember that in the end, you’re responsible for YOUR actions, not your neighbor’s. Pay attention to your own behaviors, the ones you like AND the ones you don’t, and then decide how you want to act in the future. (5) Take responsibility for your own life. Don’t be a leech. Do your job. (6) If someone else’s job is to teach you the gospel, it’s your job to share your resources with your teacher. (7) Don’t be confused: Papa has embraced you and included you in his life, but don’t take that to mean that your actions no longer have consequences. Whatever kind of seed you plant in Sarayu’s garden, THAT is the plant that will grow there. (8) If you seed your life with unhealthy thoughts and behaviors, you will reap a harvest of soul-disease. But if you seed your life with Sarayu’s thoughts and feelings and actions, you will reap the infinite alive-ness she shares with Jesus and Papa.

(9) That’s why we keep on scattering seeds of compassion in the world, even though it’s hard work, and even though it’s hard to see the results sometimes. We have faith that good seeds grow into good plants. (10) That’s why we take every opportunity to extend compassion to all people, starting with those in our own community.


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