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Gal 5.13-26 – What abundant life looks like

(13) You guys have been set free from your old self-centered darkness and isolation.  USE YOUR FREEDOM.  Not to enslave yourself again to your own desires, but through love to become joyful servants of one another! (14) For Papa gave us Torah to teach us this one thing:  “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” (15) For some time now, you’ve been practicing the “Eat thy neighbor” ethic.  How’s that working out for you? 

(16) Sarayu lives in your spirit; She knows reality and how to live in it.  Do what she says!  Yes, I know your body doesn’t always agree with what your spirit knows.  Your body is still learning.  It still hears the echoes of your old way of thinking, and sometimes it wants to return to those old behaviors that were destroying you and the people you care about.  Don’t give in to your old patterns!  Sarayu in you is strong enough to conquer your self-destructive habits.  Don’t give up!  (17) Your body (your outer self) fears the things you need most, the things Sarayu is drawing you toward.  She detests the unhealthy and dysfunctional things your body craves.  What’s going on inside you is war, and I know how much it hurts.

(18) But if you follow Sarayu, there is no more need for Torah to restrain you.  (19) Because when you see and think with Sarayu’s clarity of mind, it becomes obvious to you that what your body craves is deadly poison:

  • Having sex without real intimacy, vulnerability and commitment;
  • Disregarding the boundaries that keep you (and others) safe;
  • (20) Arranging your life around things that aren’t worth arranging your life around.
  • Trying to control things that aren’t yours to control;
  • Letting hard feelings fester under the surface of your relationships, instead of dealing with conflicts head-on;
  • Attacking and excluding people who have hurt you;
  • (21) Valuing things more than people;
  • Using pharmaceuticals and parties to avoid dealing with reality;
  • Etc…etc…etc…

Like I’ve told you many times, these things are poison because they are all ways to avoid receiving what we have been promised!  The Triune Life has been given to us, and these poisonous behaviors are all ways of running away from the gift!  To avoid dealing with reality is to imprison yourself inside your own toxic myths.

(22) Reality is worth dealing with, because reality is where Sarayu works.  Here in the real world, she is taking the beautiful life of Jesus and putting it inside us:

  • Desiring good for all people
  • Enjoying everyday life
  • Living relaxed, ready to receive whatever the future brings
  • Feeling happy even while we wait for what we want
  • Treating all God’s creatures like beloved family members
  • Giving and receiving with open hands, because our stuff doesn’t own us
  • Doing what we say we’ll do
  • (23) Taking care not to hurt those we are capable of hurting
  • Behaving according to well-though-out choices, rather than according to the moment-by-moment fluctuations of brain chemistry

There’s no law against any of THAT, is there? (24) To receive this new life from Jesus is to let go of our old life and its toxic cravings and behaviors. We know what results when we follow nothing but our own urges.  (25) So now instead, let’s try living by Sarayu’s impulses, and then watch what happens as a result! (26) If we do, we will start seeing each other not as rivals, but as friends.


2 Responses

  1. love it love it.. It lifts my spirit. It beautifully sums up the meaning of our freedom and describes it so clearly .Freedom in Jesus is the next subject on my blog , so on my mind

  2. Thx Elaine! I liked this one too. The “sin lists” are kind of tricky to hear in the light of grace. You know, how do you express them without turning them into just another list of rules? My idea is that they are a description of the good/beautiful life Sarayu is taking from Jesus and putting into us.

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