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Gal 4.11-20 – Paul takes it personally

(11) When I spent all that time sharing the gospel with you, was that just a wasted effort?  (12) You guys are my friends, and it’s as your friend that I’m begging you: Lay down the religious games, re-join me in the journey of becoming authentic people in community. 

You have been true friends to me. (13) I remember when I first came to meet you guys.  It was because of my physical disability that I found myself among you, with the opportunity to tell you about Jesus. (14) It was hard for you to deal with my disability, but you did.  Instead of being grossed-out by me, you embraced me.  In your openness to me, I experienced your openness to Master Jesus himself.

(15) What happened to the love you once felt toward me?  There was a time when you would have torn out your own eyes and given them to me, if that would have helped my condition. Where are those feelings now? (16) Are you shutting me out now, just because I’m telling you the truth? (17) Those jackals who are with you now — you like them because they tell you pleasant lies. They tickle your ego by saying you have the potential to become “super-Christians” like they are. (18) I know it feels nice when impressive people express an interest in you, but you have to look deeper and see that their intentions are not good!

(19) You guys are like sons and daughters to me. It was an honor to be the one who spiritually “birthed” you into your new life in Jesus.  And now I am again in the pain of childbirth as you fight against the new birth He has given you. (20) I wish I could be with you right now, so I could change my tone.  But my tone can’t help but express how frustrated and confused I am about you!


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