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Gal 4.1-10 – Escape the nanny!

(4.1) Until heirs become adults and receive their inheritance, they are as penniless and powerless as slaves.  (2) Until the date set by their father, they have to do what their nannies and tutors tell them to do.  (3) It’s like that with the human race:  While we were kids, we were dominated by powers over which we would someday rule.

(4) But our Papa, on the date she set herself, gave us our inheritance by sending her Son to us.  He was born of a woman, just like us.  And just like us, he was born under the domination of our nannies and tutors.  (5) He came to us in that place so that we could share in his freedom from it, so that the human race would emerge from childhood and claim the inheritance we have been given–a full share in Jesus’ relationship with Papa.

(6) Because we ARE her sons and daughters, Papa injected our hearts with Sarayu, the Spirit of her Son.  It is Sarayu in us who loves Papa and cries out to her: “Papa! Father!”  It is because of Sarayu that the human soul is haunted with longing for our true Father. (7) It is because of Sarayu that your heart quakes when you hear the good news.  The news that you have now been embraced forever by the very Father for whom you have been longing.  She has adopted you as her child, the heir of her rich Life with her Son and Sarayu.

(8) Back when you did not know Papa, your life was dominated by realities that were less than divine. (9) But now you have begun to share in the mutual knowing between Papa and Jesus and Sarayu.  How is it possible that now you want to turn back to living under the domination of lesser things? (10) You were sharing in the Great Dance of infinite aliveness, but now you’ve given that up for your new religious hobby of calculating which days are holier than other days.  In what universe is that considered a good trade?!?


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