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Gal 3.23-28 – The Nanny

(23) Torah’s rules protected us by restraining our most destructive behaviors. But Torah also gave us the bad news that Death is the result of breaking these rules.  Torah protected us but also imprisoned us.  THAT WAS ITS JOB.  Torah did its job UNTIL the time came for us to take the next step – To experience the transformation that comes from the renewing of our minds that comes from faithfully knowing reality.

(24) Think of it this way:  We’re Papa’s kids.  When we were little, she gave us a nanny/tutor called Torah.  And we had this nanny until Master Jesus came to turn us into grown-ups whose lives are being put right by faith. (25)  But now that the time for faith has arrived, we no longer need our nanny to run our lives. (26) For as we learn to believe and rely upon what Master Jesus has done to unite us with our Papa, we begin to experience abundant life for the first time as kids who know their Papa adores them.

(27) Think back to when you were baptized. On that day you experienced how completely immersed you are in the Son’s relationship with Papa in the Spirit.  Your life is forever surrounded and supported by His glorious risen alive-ness.  His life fits you perfectly, like a tailor-made set of clothes.  Jesus himself is the uniform that signifies that we are on his team. (28) The old team rosters have zero significance for us now.  The game is not about the rivalry between the Jewish team and the Greek team.  Nor is it about the Slave Team versus the Free Team, nor Boys versus Girls.  I don’t give a damn what team you used to play for.  Because today, all of us are Team Jesus.  Period.  Deal with it.  Together we belong to Jesus, and together with him we are the heirs of the Promise — the promise that we would be the carriers of Papa’s blessings into the world.


2 Responses

  1. WOOHOO!!Yea, how blessed we are all of us being on Jesus’ Team. We will win every time!

    • What keeps happening to me is that I discover I’m playing against my own team, when I let my pride and prejudices get in the way, and I lose in my attempts at justifying myself and building my own kingdom. It’s almost as if, when I find myself truly losing, I can usually look around and notice that I’m playing for the wrong team anyway.

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