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To hell with balance!

I sometimes get accused of having an unbalanced view of God, that I see God as being “too nice.”  You know: “God is a God of love, but ALSO a God of wrath.”

For starters, I totally believe in the wrath of God.  It is one of Papa’s most endearing attributes.  It is Papa’s fiery zeal to purify me, to make me safe from everything that might threaten me. 

Secondly, lets consider this “balance” argument for a moment…

If I am nice to my kids for 12 hours each day, and then I smack them around the other 12 hours, does that make me a “balanced father”?

What I hear from critics is that my vision of Papa ought to include at LEAST a LITTLE child abuse.  That a God who is not abusive AT ALL is not the God of the Bible.  Because the “real God” inflicts violence on his children and tells them it’s their fault.  Hmmm.

To hell with balance.  Literally.


3 Responses

  1. Even though I do not always like it, I glad God’s wrath gets rid of my nasty diseases.

    • Yeah, I’m glad he doesn’t take a relaxed attitude toward those things that threaten to destroy me. He doesn’t look at my sin and say “Hey, everybody’s got problems, dude, don’t worry about it.” No, Papa knows better than anyone what sin does to us, and Papa is infinitely intolerant of it.

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