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Rom 6.15-7.13 – Bound to Sarayu, not to words on a page

(15) So now since we have been freed from sin (and the death sentence prescribed by Torah), should we just continue sinning?  NO!!! (16) Okay, let me put this another way:  It is not a choice of Obedience versus Freedom.  It’s a choice of WHAT we will obey:  Are we going to obey that which destroys relationships (the way of death), or are we going to obey that which heals relationships (the way of life)?  (17) We thank Papa that we no longer obey brokenness.  We have a new master now, and we passionately follow him. (18) We thank Papa that we have been freed from sin/death, freed for service to reconciliation and world peace. (19) Think of it in these simple terms: We cannot not be servants to something.  We used to be servants of relational destruction, but now we are servants of reconciliation and healing.

(20) Sin is not freedom; it is slavery!  When you were in slavery to sin, you were free from goodness and right relationships and peace in the world. (21) Does that sound like freedom to you? Did it do you ANY real good? All you got from that is shame and death.  (22) But now you are in slavery to Papa, free from shame and death.  Now THAT’S freedom!  It’s healing.  It’s life abundant, life eternal.  (25) The wages of sin is death, but the free gift of Papa is infinite aliveness in Jesus our Master.

(7.1) Listen to me, my fellow Jews: Torah is binding only until you die. (2) This is plain enough: Torah binds a married woman to her husband, but only ‘until death do us part.’  (3) If she hooks up with another man while her husband is alive, the law of adultery applies to her.  But after her husband dies, Torah is totally cool with her marrying another man. (4) What’s happened to us is like that.  Torah doesn’t apply to us because in Jesus we have already died.  We died so that together we might be bound not to Torah but to the crucified and risen Jesus, so that we might share in his work of bearing fruit for Papa. (5) We used to be so busy bearing fruit for death, our bodies all a-tingle with the pleasure of breaking the rules and getting away with it. (6) But now that Torah has fulfilled its function, we are free from it.  Now we are bound not to words on page but to new life in Sarayu.

(7) So does that mean Torah is bad?  Absolutely not!  Torah is what brought me face to face with MY OWN badness.  Torah said “You will not salivate over other people’s stuff,” and that was when I discovered my own covetous drooling. (8) Not only that, but my sick soul responded by making me salivate even MORE.  Without rules, rule-breaking has no life. (9) Once upon a time, I was alive without Torah.  But when the rules came, the rule-breaker in me stirred to life (10) and destroyed me.  Because of the darkness inside me, the Torah code of life-enhancing boundaries only intensified my experience of deadness. (11) My darkness twisted the light of Torah into just more darkness and death. (12) Torah is beautiful; its commands are true and just and good. (13) Am I saying that a good thing brought death to me?  Not at all!  It was the darkness WITHIN me that used good things to create more darkness.  All of this just exposes sin for what it really is.  Provoked by the commandment, the darkness intensifies, and the shades of gray fade to black.


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