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Rom 6.1-15 – The human race died and rose again

(6.1) So does that mean we should continue violating boundaries, just so more forgiveness can happen? (2) Now that’s just plain dumb.  Our relational brokenness is dead and buried!  What sense would there be in acting as if it’s not?

(3) When Master Jesus died, YOU died.  When he was buried, YOU were buried.  It’s this simple fact that you were acknowledging in your baptism. (4) The fact that we were dead and buried with him.  The fact that we have been raised to a brand-new life with him. (5) The fact that sharing in his death means also sharing in his resurrection!

(6) Our old false self was crucified with him; our brokenness was destroyed so that we would be free from it forever. (7) Those who have died have already received the wages of sin, so they are free from it! (8) If we know we have died with Jesus, we know we will also live with him.  (9) Because Jesus has been raised from the dead, death does not reign over him. (10) He died to brokenness, not just for himself, but for everyone.  The life he now lives in Papa’s presence, he lives on behalf of the whole world!

(11) So start thinking of yourself in accordance with what you really are – dead to your old broken way of life, alive with Jesus in Papa’s presence. (12) Stop letting your relationship-destroying impulses control your actions. (13) Instead, give your steering wheel to Papa. Because she is the one who raised you from death to life, offer your body to her as an engine of Triune goodness.

(14) Torah teaches us that the wages of sin is death, and the good news is that now in Christ, we have received our wage in full.  Because of the Triune kindness, we have now moved beyond our old slavery to brokenness and death.


3 Responses

  1. I’m finding this blog to be really helpful. I only wish you had the time to paraphrase and rewrite the entire Bible. Maybe then I could actually understand it!

    Anyways, thanks for the awesome work. It’s really helping me.

  2. Hey, Erkki, I’m glad to hear you’re finding it helpful! Wow, the Old Testament would be a real challenge–not sure I’m up to it! If you like my take on things, I bet you would like Brian McLaren’s podcast series where he overviews the whole Bible. His take on things is pretty similar to mine. http://www.brianmclaren.net/archives/get-involved/

  3. Cool, thanks a lot for the recommendation!

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