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Rom 5.12-21 – Being human means being right with Papa

(12) Just one man stood in for all humanity when he chose dysfunction and death, and it affected every person everywhere; all of us became broken, decaying things. (13) This disease existed long before Torah, but without Torah, it could not have been diagnosed. (14) From Adam to Moses, death ruled unchecked over human life, even over the “good people.” Adam stood in for all humanity, and the result was catastrophic. But the good news is that a New Adam has come, and his name is Jesus.

(15) The Old Adam’s curse is no match for the New Adam’s gift. You have no difficulty believing that one man made a foolish choice and doomed all people to death. Then why is it so hard to believe that the one man Jesus could make a wise choice and doom all people to life? (16) Adam’s curse and Jesus’ gift are not even in the same league. In one action, Adam violated his relation to Papa and to the world, and the result was shame for many. But the free gift followed many violations, resulting in a healed relation to Papa, to the world, and to all people. (17) Death was able to overcome the world through the wrongness of one man. How much more certain can we be that, through the rightness of the one man Jesus, those who receive the gift will overcome the world with wholeness and mercy!

(18) Just as one man’s violation infected all people with his shame, so one man’s act of reconciliation has now infected all people with his whole and peaceful relationship with all things. (19) Through one man’s violation of the boundaries appropriate to his nature, many people were wrecked. Now in an even bigger way, through one man’s embrace of limitation, many people will be made whole!

(20) When Torah came on the scene and defined relational boundaries that ought not be crossed, the boundaries got violated even more. But where violation increased, forgiveness increased even more, (21) so that, just as brokenness ruled supreme through death, so forgiveness would rule supreme through reconciliation leading to infinite life through Master Jesus.


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