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Rom 5.1-11 – Jesus’ relationship with Papa is now yours

(5.1) Therefore, since it is through faith that we receive the gift, we are right now sharing in Master Jesus’ peaceful relationship with Papa. (2) Jesus is our access into the Triune life in which we now live and move and have our being.  We shout “WOOHOO!” as we share in the Great Dance and look forward to sharing in it even more in the future. (3) We even shout “WOOHOO!” when we suffer, because even pain has been made to serve the Dance: Suffering strengthens (4) and refines the metal of our souls, producing in us hearts of steel with a chest-thumping readiness to take on the adventure of each new moment. (5) And we know adventure will come, because we know the wild heart of the One who has filled us to overflowing with Infinite Life through Sarayu.

(6) When we were utterly incapable of goodness, the Master died for us, his enemies. (7) It’s rare enough that someone would be willing to die for a good person (though I’m sure it happens now and then), (8) but the Triune Love is made plain in how the Master died for us, we who were doing everything we could to destroy everything he loved.

(9) Now that’s what I call assurance!  If he has spilled his own blood to right our wrongness, of COURSE he will continue to heal and guide us down the paths of wisdom, so that we will require as little fatherly butt-kicking as possible. (10) With his Son’s death, Papa turned us, his enemies, into his friends.  How much more surely will his Son’s life turn our brokenness into healing? (11) As grateful enemies-turned-friends, we join Master Jesus in shouting “WOOHOO!” about our wonderful Papa.


2 Responses

  1. Love the pic – Great “casting” of Papa.

  2. 🙂 Thanks. The kitchen scene with Papa always made me think of the Oracle. Jonathan Stepp says his preferred casting would be Mama from Good Times. She’s Dy-no-MITE.

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