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Rom 2.6-29 – Religion does not exempt you from reality

(6) Our actions have real consequences; that is how Papa’s world works. (7) We get what we seek.  If we seek life and beauty and goodness, that is what we get. (8) If we seek to wrap ourselves in comforting lies, we can do that, but we also get the pain that results from living against the grain of reality. (9) Doing evil results in anguish and distress, whether you’re Jewish or not. (10) And doing good results in peace and beauty, again, whether you’re Jewish or not. (11) Papa doesn’t play favorites with her kids. (12)  If I walk off a cliff, but don’t know the law of gravity, I’m still going to fall and die.  If I know the law of gravity and walk off the cliff anyway, I’ll get the same result. (13) Acknowledging certain moral realities is not the same thing as sharing in the Triune life of wholeness and justice.  This life is experienced only by those who ACT in accordance with reality.

(14) To be human is to share in the incarnate Son’s knowledge of goodness.  When non-Jews follow this knowledge, whether they understand it or not, they are living in accordance with reality. (15) Their actions and consciences witness to Jesus, the incarnate one whose heart beats in the chest of every human being.  His knowledge of goodness lives in every human conscience, and this knowledge is part of the truth that will be told about them (16) on the day when Jesus, according to my gospel, will speak the truth about everyone.

(17) Do you think that being Jewish makes you one of Papa’s favorites?  (18) You think yourself wise because you have the Bible memorized? (19) You think yourself a guide to the blind, a light in the darkness, (20) a rebuke to the foolish, a teacher of children?  You think that knowing the Bible is the same thing as knowing the Truth? (21) If you’re a teacher, why not start by teaching yourself? 

  • Are you a thief preaching against stealing?
  • (22) Are you defending everyone’s marriage but your own? 
  • Are you sharing in your culture’s idolatrous preoccupations with consumption, pornography, and violence?
  • (23) Are you doing evil while bragging about how well you know right from wrong?

(24) Unbelievers see your hypocrisy and dismiss Papa as a joke.

(25) For us Jewish males, our surgically-altered wangs mark us as belonging to our special family.  And having this mark is fine, but what really counts is how you live.  If you do evil, your altered wang becomes instead a mark of your opposition to Papa. (26) If you see the Triune goodness expressed in the lives of non-Jews, does this not indicate that they belong to Papa?  Is this not the true circumcision? (27) When non-Jews do good, it speaks an ugly truth about the Jews who do evil. (28) Belonging to Papa is not about external surgeries done to our bodies. (29) Belonging to Papa is about something that happens inside us and then comes out.  As you go through this process, the world will not give you much applause, but Papa will.


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