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Rom 1.16-2.5 – Which part of “Judge not” did you not understand?

(16) The Greek mind thinks the gospel is absurd, but I am not the least bit ashamed to speak it.  The good news of the Trinity is powerful beyond our imaginations, healing the brokenness of everyone who believes it.  And I do mean everyone, not just Jews.  Greeks too. (17) When we believe the truth – that the Trinity is putting right everything that is wrong in the world – it changes everything.  As the scriptures say:

“When your beliefs fit reality, your life is re-ordered and put right.

(18) So many of us are in denial about reality, and our denial distorts and breaks us.  But the good news is that Papa is infinitely intolerant of her children’s ignorance.

(19) To be human is to be included in Jesus’ knowing of Papa.  At this very moment, the Trinity is on display for every person on the planet. (20) From the waltz of galaxies to the break-dancing of quantum particles, the universe is constantly witnessing to the Triune Tango.  From Day 1, creation has made visible the all-encompassing power and nature of its Creator.  To not see her is to be blind by choice. (21) We looked Papa right in the eye and said ‘No thanks.’ We did not relate to her sensibly with honor and gratitude.  Instead we chose to try to fool ourselves, to invent myths, to conform our minds to anything but reality. (22) We thought we were being sophisticated, but we were just making fools of ourselves. (23) We turned away from the endless adventure of Triune alive-ness and opted instead for plastic trinkets. (24) So Papa let us have what we wanted – orgies, and lots of them. Whatever way you can imagine to degrade your body and soul, we did that and more, because we’d convinced ourselves that it would make us happy. (25) We exchanged reality for unreality, truth for lies.  We pledged allegiance to our STUFF instead of to the One who created our stuff in the first place.

(26) That’s why Papa gave us space – freedom to pursue every kind of nasty crap we thought might make us happy.  All kinds of boundaries were overrun.  (27) We thought sex might be better without boundaries, so we blew them to pieces in the name of ‘free love.’  Regarding our sexuality, we dismissed dignity and biology as irrelevant.  The results of this experiment were disappointing, to say the least. (28) Because we would not accept reality (and reality’s God), Papa let us believe in unreality and behave in ways that do not fit the real world of boundaries, limits, and consequences. (29) We gorged on every nasty thing we could find:

  • We drooled over each other’s stuff;
  • We devised ever-new ways to hurt and kill each other;
  • (30) We lied about each other;
  • We lied about ourselves, trying make ourselves look big;
  • We rebelled against our parents and against Papa;

(31) We were foolish, faithless, heartless, ruthless. (32) We knew we were stepping outside Papa’s wisdom, and we knew the consequences.  But we kept doing it anyway, and we egged each other on to keep doing it too.

(2.1) Therefore, we have no excuse for judging each other.  When we condemn each other, we condemn ourselves, because we all do the same things. (2) Some have said: “For people who do those things, Papa’s judgment fits the crime.” (3) Who the hell do you think you are?  If you’re judging people, and you’re doing the same things, you need to remember that Papa HATES hypocrisy. (4) Papa is full to overflowing with kindness and patience.  Are you really so un-interested in being part of that?  In kindness, Papa gives us the time and space we need to re-think our old beliefs and move step-by-step into reality.  (5) But here YOU are, refusing to share in Papa’s patience, storing up poison in your own soul, poison destined for utter destruction.


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