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Rom 1.1-15 – Living fully in the real world

FROM:  Paul, a servant of Master Jesus, chosen and sent to tell people about what the Triune One has done, what Papa promised long ago through the prophets, (3) the good news about her Son Jesus.  Fully of our flesh, He was the Son of David (4) and the Son of Papa, as was dramatically revealed when Sarayu – the Spirit of wholeness – raised him from the dead.  He is Jesus our Master, (5) through whom Papa has freely given us a life and a message to share, a message about who she is, a message that is inspiring in all people the security and assurance they need to participate in the Triune life of love. (6) It is the message by which you yourselves have received the call to live fully in the real world, the world of Master Jesus.

(7) TO: Everyone in Rome whom Papa has loved and has called to share in the family life of the Trinity.  May you be receiving what Master Jesus and Papa are daily sharing with us—their own life-together of grace and peace.

(8) Master Jesus is so grateful to his Papa for all of you, and so am I.  You guys are famous with him, with me, and with the whole world.  (9) As I join with Sarayu in service to Papa, telling people the message of her Son, I’m constantly talking with her about you guys, (10) asking her to make it possible for me to finally somehow come visit you. (11) I’m aching to spend some time with you and share with you what Sarayu has given me, (12) and vice-versa.  We would all benefit so much from some real face-time. (13) So many times I have tried to arrange a trip to Rome to see you, but it has never worked out.  I want to come and be involved in what Sarayu is doing among you, just as I have been among the rest of the Gentiles. (14) I owe so much to Greeks and non-Greeks, to both the civilized and the uncivilized (15) – so I am chomping at the bit to speak the gospel among you in Rome.


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