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John 15.1-17 – Life in Sarayu’s garden

(15.1) I am the trunk of the human tree; all branches are connected to me.  My Papa is the gardener, and (2) she will never give up on this tree and just let it be fruitless and dead.  Instead, she faithfully chops off sick branchings before they infect others. When a branch bears fruit, she strips that branch of its sub-branches, to make it fruit even more. (3) My word has already cleared the sick branches off you. (4) I am as close to you as a trunk is to its branches.  I have re-arranged my life just to be with you, to include you in every aspect of my everyday life.  I have chosen to be alive with you.  Be alive with me. When a branch is disconnected from the trunk, it produces no fruit.  The same is true for you if you choose to not participate in the life I’m living with you. (5) I am the trunk, and you are the branches.  The Triune sap eternally flows in and out of me.  If you believe, allowing it to flow in and out of you, it will produce in you a garden full of Sarayu’s fruit – love, joy, and peace. But if through disbelief you resist that flow, you will not produce anything. (6) There is a fire coming in this generation that will consume all the dead wood, the fruitless branches that want nothing to do with me. (7) But if you receive me and believe me, if you participate through faith in the life I’m living with you, you and I will ask Papa to produce fruit in you, and she will. (8) She LIVES for this – seeing you sharing in my life and producing lots and lots of delicious fruit.

(9) Papa has showered me with love, and I now shower that love upon you forever.  Period.  Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.  Take it seriously.  Dance with that truth, day in and day out. (10) Abide in it; let it determine your actions.  That’s what it means to participate in my life and to abide in my love.  That is what I do with Papa, believing and doing what she says, and enjoying the power of her love as it flows in and out of me. (11) I’ve told you all this in order to take my joy and fill you to overflowing with it.

(12) Here’s what I want you to do: Take the love/joy/peace I have given you, and give it to each other. (13) To give love is to give yourself, ALL of yourself, from birth to death and everything in between. (14) I have laid down my life for you, and I always will.  You lay down your lives for me as you accept and do what I say. I have been a friend to you, and you have become friends to me. (15) You are not my servants; servants don’t know what their master is doing.  No, you are my friends.  You know what I’m doing.  Everything I receive from Papa, I have given to you.  My knowing of her is now yours. (16) Not because you chose me, but because I chose you. I chose you to be carriers of the Triune blessing to the world.  I chose you to bear the fruit the world needs to eat, to bear Triune fruit whenever you join me in asking Papa for it. (17) I command you to love, because loving one another is what the eternal Triune life is all about.


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