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John 14.15-31 – Sarayu with us forever

(15) To love me is to act according to my wisdom. (16) To put my love/wisdom/obedience into you, I will ask Papa to give you another guide, Sarayu, through whom Papa and I will be with you forever. (17) She is the Spirit of Truth, the Truth of my life with Papa. Truth is known only by faith, so Sarayu will sound foolish to those who refuse to believe. But you know her well, because you believe. You know that her life lives in you and always will.

 (18) As I transition from this mode of presence to a new mode of presence, I want you to know I’m not abandoning you. Far from it! In this transition, I am actually drawing NEARER to you. (19) Soon, my presence will be invisible to all eyes but the eyes of faith. You will know my presence because you trust my promise. (20) As you come to know reality in faithfulness to what it really is, you will know the truth about your inclusion in the Triune life—that I am in my Papa, and you are in me, and I am in you. (21) To live in my wisdom is to love me. To love me is to participate in the love and mutual knowing of the Trinity. (22) Judas (no, not that one, the other one) said: “Master, how is it possible that we will see you but the world will not?” (23) Jesus answered: “Through Sarayu, Papa and I are coming to make humanity our home. To receive us and experience our shared life is to participate in our giving and receiving of love. (24) To refuse gospel wisdom is to refuse me, and to refuse Papa from whom wisdom comes.

(25) I say these things now, and I know you will understand them later. (26) Because Papa will send Sarayu, your Guide. She will remind you of what I’ve said, help you understand it, and teach you everything you need to know., (27) What I’m giving you is peace, MY Peace. This is no ordinary kind of gift. I’m taking everything inside me, and through Sarayu I’m putting it inside you. What’s inside me is a secure, peaceful, fearless heart. Now it’s inside you, too.

(28) I know it sounds contradictory: “I am going away” and “I am coming to you.” I know you’re confused, because if you understood what’s really going on, you would be ecstatic about me going to Papa. Because Papa in heaven is nearer to you than you are to yourself. By going to her, I am drawing even closer to you that I am right now (29) I’m telling you this now so that when it happens, you will believe and understand.

(30) I won’t talk with you much more this way, because the Faceless Man is coming to take me from you. But don’t worry; he has no power over me. (31) Papa has told me to go with him, and I will obey, so that the world will know I love Papa.

Let’s go. Tonight we camp in Gethsemane…


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