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Eph 3 – Children who know how loved they are

(3.1) This is why I Paul am a prisoner for Master Jesus for the sake of you Gentiles. (2) You already know about how Papa sent me to you (3) and revealed the gospel to me.  I have summarized the gospel for you in this letter.  Read it, and you will understand the amazing enigma of Jesus.  (4) It used to be that nobody knew about it, but Sarayu has now revealed it to her apostles and prophets. (6) Here is the enigma—that what Papa promised to Abraham has been given to non-Jews as well as Jews, that we are members of one body, sharers in the one promise of what Master Jesus has attained on behalf of us all.

(7) In mind-boggling kindness, Papa gave me the task of serving her powerful message. (8) As far as sainthood goes, I am at the bottom of the barrel, but she chose me to tell you Gentiles about the inheritance you didn’t even know you had—the boundless riches that our Master has stored up on our behalf. (9) He chose me to show everybody the ancient enigma hidden within the very being of our Creator, (10) so that all the powers of heaven and earth would witness the brilliance of the Triune life incarnated in the life of the church. (11) This is all going according to plan, the eternal plan that Master Jesus has now executed. (12) We are face-to-face forever with Papa, and as Sarayu teaches us to trust in the sonship Master Jesus has attained for us, we grow to live more and more with the bold confidence of secure children who know they are loved.

(13) So as I suffer on your behalf, I ask Papa to use my sufferings to show you how fiercely loved you are. (14) I ask Papa—(15) the patriarch of heaven and earth—(16) to lavish upon you the infinite strength of Sarayu, (17) and to fill your inner being with Jesus’ own faith, His own sense of confident assurance as you yourself are secured and nourished in the reality of the Triune love. (18) I ask Papa to give you (and all of His people) the power to see how massive this love really is, (19) to comprehend the Master’s incomprehensible love, so that you will be filled to overflowing with the infinite Triune aliveness.

(20) Papa has already given us the strength for which I have asked.  Sarayu (who is at work within us even now) is able to do way more than we are able to even ask or imagine.  I pray that in that strength, the church will work with Master Jesus to incarnate Papa’s love in the world, forever and ever.  Amen.


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