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Eph 2.11-21 – The one triune life enfleshed in the world

(11) So remember, Gentiles (you who lack the physical sign of inclusion in God’s family, a sign made in flesh by human hands), (12) remember that you used to be in the dark about the Master of the universe; you were a foreigner to Israel, Papa’s own revealing/reconciling community.  You were ignorant of Papa’s promises; you had no real hope. (13) But because Master Jesus came into your alienation (even to the point of sharing in your death!), you have now come to share in the intimacy of His family.  He is the union of God and man, Jew and Gentile. He has demolished all obstacles to our harmonious life-together. (15) Since we were unable to love, he came and loved for us, rendering obsolete our need for rules that could only approximate love.  He did this to create in Himself a new humanity, beyond the divisions of Insiders vs. Outsiders.  (16) By bringing both sides fully into His own relationship with Papa, He ended that silly fight once and for all.  (17) He revealed to both sides the free gift of our inclusion in his harmonious life with Papa. (18) Sarayu is bringing both sides together in fellowship, to share in Jesus’ knowing of Papa.

(19) So you Gentiles are not illegal immigrants in Papa’s country; Jews and non-Jews together are Papa’s house, (20) built on the one foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Master Jesus Himself as the cornerstone. (21) In Him we grow up together into one beautiful temple, the one Triune fellowship enfleshed in the world.


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