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Matthew 6.19-34 – Insider trading, the Jesus way

(19) I have an insider investment tip for you:  Your 401(k) isn’t as solid as you think; it’s tied up in assets that have no future, so get out now.  (20) Earth, Inc. is getting taken over by New Creation Corp.  It’s a done deal, but most people don’t know about it yet.  In the end, New Creation will be the only stock worth owning anyway, and it’s 100% guaranteed against depreciation and theft. It’s time to start dealing in the currency of the future – Love.

(21) By the way, your investment portfolio perfectly reveals what you actually believe in. (22) Your whole body lives according to whatever it is you fix your eye upon, whatever it is that fills your vision.  If your eye is healthy and clear, fixed on the things that matter, you get filled up with truth, and you live according to reality. (23) But if you fill your vision instead with a bunch of products you want to purchase, it blocks out the light, and you live in the dark. (24) I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking about ‘balancing’ your devotion to Papa and to Mammon.  You can forget that idea right now.  There’s no such thing as a person who makes sacrifices at both altars.  You have to choose.  Pick your god and quit waffling.

(25) The secret is this: Just chill out.  Really.  Don’t even stress about the necessities of life, like food and clothing.  To worry is to be out-of-touch with the real world.  (26) Birds know this.  They don’t even have jobs; they just enjoy feasting every day from Papa’s own hand.  Can you imagine the possibility that she cares for you at least that much? (27) Worrying – even about the basics of life – is a complete waste of time.  (28) Flowers know this.  Do you see them raising and shearing sheep, spinning yarn and weaving clothes for themselves? (29) Yet not even the most super of supermodels is so well-dressed. (30) Flowers live for a day, and Papa clothes them wondrously for that whole day. Can you imagine the possibility that she just might take such good care of you?  Can you look outside your blindness, see with my eyes and glimpse the truth?

(31) So again I say, chill out about things like food and drink and clothing. (32) Those who worry about such things don’t know the first thing about reality.  What’s real is the simple fact that YOUR PAPA is in the driver’s seat of the world, and she’s well aware of your needs.  (33) Take all that energy you used to spend worrying, and spend it on New Creation instead.  Share in my work of setting the world right by earthing the Triune life within it.  And along the way, you and me, we’ll dress like flowers and eat like birds. (34) We will face today’s challenges today and tomorrow’s challenges tomorrow.


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